Counselling for Couples and Individuals in East Ayrshire.

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with Dawn Fitzpatrick  Registered MBACP

Making an intimate relationship work is not an easy task. Too often, couples feel frustrated and helpless when their individual concerns clash, and when hurt turns to anger. Couples Counselling is designed to teach skills and help couples have a better relationship by facilitating honest communication, conflict resolution and problem solving in a safe, objective and constructive atmosphere.

The goals of Couples Counselling are to help you communicate effectively, build and maintain trust, and to develop a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. A couple typically may have an instinct to try to solve one’s own problems. But sometimes it can be difficult to go beyond the immediate situation or issue without an objective party to help neutralise the high emotions enough to get to a place of understanding and negotiation. This is where Couples Counselling can help.

The reluctance to seek outside help is understandable, but too often fuels the fire in perpetuating negative cycles. If the couple is motivated to stay together, counselling can be effective in repairing the damage in their relationship. To move them forward, helping them build the skills necessary to create and maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship.