Counselling for Couples and Individuals in East Ayrshire.

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with Dawn Fitzpatrick  Registered MBACP


The realisation that feelings and coping mechanisms within ourselves will on occasion be sorely tried and tested can be hard to accept, particularly when deep seated. I personally, as an ex-Military man, did not think I needed help, and tried to ‘soldier’ on - in the end unsuccessfully.

I chose Dawn, not from her list of credentials, but that she had the sort of face to whom I could unburden myself and be honest. The first meeting confirmed this somewhat unusual assessment of Dawn, and I was immensely relieved to be in the hands of an empathetic Counsellor, who obviously listened to what I said - but also guided the session in an un-obvious way. Her attitude made returning week after week something that held no fear or anxiety, but as I walked through the door I was meeting someone who was really helping me.

I found that my dealings with myself and my family were improving significantly as time went on - such that I was able in out last session to verbalise what was the link to all the various aspects of my issues over my 55 years during which these issues occurred.

My thanks to Dawn have no bounds, and in the unlikely event that should things change for the worse in the future - I would no hesitate for a nanosecond to re-contact her. Thank you Dawn.