Counselling for Couples and Individuals in East Ayrshire.

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with Dawn Fitzpatrick  Registered MBACP


I have just finished therapy with Dawn. On choosing a therapist I had to be sure to choose one that would challenge me while offering a safe space to explore what I needed to explore. I had received 6 sessions in person centred therapy as well as 12 sessions in couple counselling with 2 different therapists prior to working with Dawn and while I may have got from them what I need at the time I wanted something, someone to challenge me. One of greatest gifts as I see it from my therapy time with Dawn was a sense of holding which I hadn't felt with the previous therapists. Dawn was with me every step of the way and I truly felt held. This holding allowed me to explore openly and most importantly for me honesty . For the first time in my life I was completely honest and her words in one of the sessions " I hear you" will stay with me forever. I felt the therapy came to a natural ending. I can see clearer now. I started off saying what I wanted and left saying the same thing. The difference? I sorted my thoughts, my demons , fantasies , my reality and my past all into little boxes in my head. It felt calmer and clearer now. I had grown! And so I will continue to grow and deep at the centre of this continued growth will be the space that Dawn provided me with. Jenny.

“I am at present in counselling with Dawn. I was in counselling with another therapist prior to this and since working with Dawn have very quickly realised that I was stuck and not moving forward in any way with the previous counselling I was having. It is a struggle dealing with the problems that have brought me to counselling in the first place and the different emotions it brings but I feel that I am in safe hands and completely trust Dawn to help me work through my problems and get me to a better place in my life. We are in the middle of the process at the moment and I believe that, with some hard work from myself, and the support I receive from Dawn, I will achieve my goals”.  Sandra.

“The help, support and understanding we received from Dawn, during our counselling, has helped us greatly as a couple to understand and begin again. The effort shown by Dawn, to us both, has been heartwarming. She brought us closer together than we have ever been. We don't think our marriage would have survived if we had not received this support”. Jon and Susan

"After a family bereavement, I felt that I was losing control of all aspects of my life. Feeling unable to further burden my family, who were all grieving, I decided to consider counselling. After an evening's research, I found Dawn's website, and straight away felt that I would be comfortable with her. Dawn was calming, comforting, and above all a hugely constructive influence on me. We moved beyond the initial issue of my grief, and she helped me address other issues, such as confidence, self esteem and personal relationships. I feel that I have turned a corner, and that Dawn has helped me to develop personal skills and techniques that give me the confidence to move forward without the constant worry that had plagued me. Seeking counselling was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made, but I am so glad that I did it, and I am so grateful to Dawn for her help." Jennifer

“I was initially very anxious about the prospect of seeing a counsellor, however on meeting Dawn these anxieties soon dissipated...Dawn was very welcoming and I soon felt very comfortable...I truly believe that it is the best thing I have ever done as Dawn helped me through a very difficult period and for that I will be for ever grateful. I have since recommended Dawn to other friends and family experiencing difficulty and they have also spoken very highly of the support and guidance that Dawn has offered and I wouldn't think twice about recommending her again!”.  Marie.