Counselling for Couples and Individuals in East Ayrshire.

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with Dawn Fitzpatrick  Registered MBACP


“At the end of 2010 I was really not coping with my grief, I had lost my only sister to cancer at a young age and no matter how hard I tried to get on with things, I would find myself struggling to get up in the morning and to function. My sister and I were two peas in a pod as they say, and without her I felt that life was just not worth anything anymore. I had spent the first year after she died supporting my parents and holding in my feelings, to the extent that my work was suffering and I was constantly arguing with my friends.

In desperation I googled “counselling in Glasgow” and Dawn’s name was one of the first in the list. I decided to get in touch to see if she could help. I was so lost that at first I didn’t believe that she would help me and the first two weeks were a struggle, I didn’t know if I really wanted to go through with it. However, with her constant support and encouragement I started to hit the goals that Dawn set me and I was able to see that I could start to live my own life again and discover who I really was. My whole life had been intertwined with my sister’s as we were so close and it was hard to accept that this was gone. With Dawn’s support I realised that I was my own person too and I did have the strength to live my life in the way that I wanted to.

For the first time I was able to talk to somebody completely impartial who had the insight and professionalism to give me the support that I needed. This meant that I could be completely honest about everything, something that I cannot do all the time with my friends and family. I have always been a positive person and I hated the negative person I had become because of my sister’s death. Dawn made me realise that I could be a positive person again.

Thank you Dawn for helping me and I will continue to stick to the advice that you gave me throughout the 6 months I was being counselled by you; it is invaluable and it really has helped me get on the right path again”. Diane.

“Nobody chooses to need counselling but if the time comes when you do, the one thing you need to choose is the right counsellor – for us that was without a doubt Dawn. She gave us the confidence and encouragement to say the things that we needed to say to each other. She opened doors for us that had been closed for a long time.

We have a lot to thank Dawn for and will always be grateful to her. The one piece of advice I would offer anyone who is thinking of calling is don’t wait, Dawn can really help you”. Claire.