Counselling for Couples and Individuals in East Ayrshire.

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with Dawn Fitzpatrick  Registered MBACP


“Dawn quickly helped us identify our relationship problems and to understand the causes of them. She showed us ways we can communicate more effectively and it has made a huge improvement to our relationship”.

Robert and Lindsey.

“For me it was a big step to undergo private counselling, as I thought it was for people who had “issues”! It turned out, after my first session with Dawn, I realised I was the one with issues and that I was more in need of counselling that I ever imagined. I feel that I have found a place where I can come to get help from someone who will be working with me and supporting me, and the balance is just right. I feel I’m getting a friendly and helpful listener who knows how to offer help in a very professional manner and someone who has made me think in a different way. This has encouraged me to start looking at myself in a different way, more constructive and more positive. My confidence in Dawn has allowed me to be so open and honest and being able to tell her absolutely anything without being judged on what I’m telling her.

I can’t thank Dawn enough for her help as I’m more focused in every aspect of my life. As things go into overdrive in my head, Dawn has shown me how to slow things down and focus on every separate issue rather than jumping from one thought to another and not to be so random. I now have a greater understanding of my own behaviour and why I react the way I do, and Dawn has given me the tools to identify these situations and deal with them in a different way, but more importantly, dealing with them the way I want to.

I’m still going to counselling as I now know what I want from my counselling and Dawn is helping me get there. Dawn isn’t going to carry me there as I know I have to get there myself. The healing process of counselling is going to let me be the person I know I can be and more importantly the person I want to be. Parts of my life came to a standstill and I didn’t recognize this but by going to counselling it has made me aware that it had and with Dawn’s help I’m looking forward to finally getting on and having the life I have always wanted”.   Jeremy.

“At first I was quite reluctant to attend counselling and I only went because my wife encouraged me. To be completely honest, I had a negative impression of counselling and counsellors and I wasn’t sure it would be for me, But I have to say I was wrong.

Dawn is a brilliant listener and she really gets me thinking about things I should have thought about long ago. Her guidance finally allowed me to focus and have the confidence to look back at difficult times in my life. I began to examine my fears, anger, worries and insecurities. I wish I had gone to counselling years ago. I am sure I would have been happy and healthier for it.

Dawn’s counselling has given me a much clearer idea of what my issues are and where they come from. I have actually reduced the amount of emotional baggage I carry around with me every day. I am starting to feel more confident, optimistic and happy again. Counselling has also helped me improve my ability to communicate how I am feeling and my wife has really noticed the difference.

I feel more confident and capable of coping with the stress and challenges that life throws at me. I can now see that I am back on track to becoming the person I want to be again”.